Our Writers

Monique-Adelle Callahan D, a winner of our New Voices competition, performs her poetry in Boston, MA.

Our writers have presented their work throughout the United States, the Middle East, Asia, and the United Kingdom.

We do not ask our writers to pre-sell copies.  We send out review copies, enter our poets' books in award competitions, work hard to arrange readings and workshop opportunities for those we publish. We believe writers should spend their time writing, not marketing.


  • Enter our annual Chapbook, Full-length and New Voices contests.
  • Submit to our award-winning magazine, One.
  • Books you've published with another literary press are eligible for the annual $500 Julie Suk Award.


Submit Your Work


As a Community Active press, proceeds from our book sales go to support progressive individuals and groups working  for change in their communities.  This photo shows a  reading from Resisting Arrest: Poems to Stretch the Sky, edited by Tony Medina, at Potter's House in Washington D.C.

Jacar Press is a Community-Active Press. Proceeds from all sales of Resisting Arrest went to provide college scholarships to young women in D.C. and Atlanta.We also provide free workshops to under-served communities, including survivors of sexual assault and women in prison.

In our Community-Active role, we have purchased theater tickets for LGBTQ teens, donated books to summer teen programs,and paid fees for young activists to attend leadership training workshops and made direct donations to progressive groups.

Recent direct donations have been made to:

A Gathering of Tribes
American Civil Liberty Union
Black Art Futures Fund
Black Lives Matter
Boston Immigration Justice
Accompaniment Network
Canary Coalition
Childrens Justice
Camp(Highlander Center)
Dakota Access Pipeline Fund
Doctors Without Borders
Durham Literacy Council
EDWINS Leadership &
Restaurant Institute
Environmental Defense Fund

First Nations Development Institute
Freedom House
Movement of Asylum Seekers in Ireland
National Immigration Law Center
Orange County Rape Crisis Center
Planned Parenthood
Poets House
Raleigh PACT(Police Accountability Community Task Force)
Song(LGBTQ and prisoner activism)
Syrian Refugee Relief
Tampire Task Force
The Trevor Project
Watershed Assoc. of the Tuskasegee River
Women’s Theater Festival

Our Recent Books

What Is Left - Bunkong Tuon "With stirring clarity, modesty, and understatement, Tuon shares the feeling of what it must have been like at one end and what words can light up the next…
At the Edge of a Thousand Years - Matt Hohner Drone God   The video is silent. The bomb smaller than a trenchingtool. It falls to the ambient sounds of your home,the neighbors’ children playing outside in the street,autumn…
Pink Moon - Tina Barr from Deployed At lunch, Shelby tells meher mother died when she was twenty-one, fathergone. In the living room, a cop, her uncle, anda lawyer, who slid a piece…
Pieta front cover Pieta - Frank Paino "Pietà" stands out as a profound collection that delves into the depths of human experience, eliciting emotions that resonate on a universal scale. With poems of careful craft…