Eavan Boland Mentor Award 

 In honor of the lifetime influence and achievements of Eavan Boland, and her commitment to ensuring the voices of women are heard in the poetry world, Jacar Press is sponsoring the Eavan Boland Mentor Award. This will pair a woman writer from Ireland who is at the start of their career with an established American poet, to work on their poetry during 2021.

The Irish poet selected this year will work with Pulitzer Prize finalist Dorianne Laux.   Submission criteria.
1) Poet must identify as a woman.
2) Poet must be a resident of Ireland.
3) Poet must not have published, or had accepted for publication, more than 1 chapbook.  Previous publication, however, is not required.   

Submissions will be accepted from November 1 – December 17, 2020. There is no fee.
Submit your 5 best poems, any subject or style, published or not, in the body of an email to jacarsubmit@gmail.com
In the subject line of the email put  Eavan Boland Mentor Award
Add a short biography, including any publication credits, at the bottom of the email after the poems.


Open for submissions
One – our online magazine

For more details, visit One Magazine.

The 2021 full-length and chapbook contests are open January 1 – April 30, 2021.

Chapbook and Full-Length Contests – last year we published two books in each category.  We never make our authors pre-sell, and we send out review copies and pay contest fees for our authors. We arrange author readings and workshops.

Guidelines for the 2021 Competitions.

Email all submissions to  –   jacarassist@gmail.com

Full-Length Poetry Book Contest

Full length manuscripts must be 40 – 80 pages of poems, not including table of contents, acknowledgments page, biography, etc. Simultaneous submissions are fine.

The entry fee of $15 will go towards publishing the book. Finalists will also be considered for publication.

Final Judge will be an internationally recognized poet.  Past judges have been Marilyn Nelson, Afaa Michael Weaver, Chana Bloch, Dorianne Laux, Toi Derricotte, Denise Duhamel, Hélène Cardona, Lola Haskins, Stuart Dischell, Betty Adcock, Jamaal May, Rickey Laurentiis, Joseph Millar, Cynthia Huntington, John Hoppenthaler, Zeina Hashem Beck, Ely Shipley and Julie Suk. The judge for 2021 will be announced after the competition has closed. 

You may submit more than one manuscript, but there is a separate fee for each manuscript submitted, and each manuscript must be submitted separately.

In the subject line of the email put your last name and 2021 Full-Length Book Contest (example – Krawiec 2021 Full-Length Book Contest). In the body of the email list the manuscript title, your name, address, email and all acknowledgements for where individual poems have been published.  Submit the poetry manuscript  as a Word attachments, single-spaced, 12 point type. The attached manuscript should contain only your poems and a table of content.  Nothing more. Do not put your name or publication acknowledgements anywhere in the body of the manuscript. Please feel free to simultaneously submit this manuscript to other publishers and contests. Just let us know if you win.

Winning manuscripts will receive publication and a contract that pays them 10% of all sales, after publishing expenses are covered, from the first 200 books sold. This royalty escalates to 40% of all sales, after expenses, from copies 201-400 sold. Once the 400 sales figure is reached, writers will receive 50% of all sales, after expenses. Finalists will be considered for publication at the discretion of Jacar Press.

Poetry Chapbook Competition

Chapbook manuscripts must be between 20-32 pages of poems, not including table of contents,  acknowledgment page, etc. and a page for your biography.  Do not put your name or publication acknowledgements anywhere in the body of the manuscript. Simultaneous submissions are fine.

The submission process for the Chapbook Competition is identical to the process listed above for the Full Length Manuscript, with these exceptions. In the subject line of the email put your last name and 2021 Chapbook Contest (Krawiec  2021 Chapbook Contest). Entry fee for the Chapbook Contest is only $10.

Winning Chapbooks will receive publication and a contract that pays them 30% of all sales after the first 200 books are sold. Finalists will be considered for publication at the discretion of Jacar Press.  


Entry fee can be paid via Paypal. Applicants may use the button below for either or both contests; specify which contest you are entering via the drop-down menu.  If you don’t have a Paypal account, go to our Contact page and click on the Donate button. Follow the instructions for paying via credit card. You can also pay by check sent to the address on that page.
Email submissions to    –     jacarassist@gmail.com


Contest Fees

New Voices Re-opens in 2021
October 1 – 31 Every Year

The New Voices series is aimed at bringing diverse voices and perspectives to print. We will be looking for work by poets who write outside traditional expectations, from varied ethnic, gender, and class backgrounds. Open to poets globally.

Submission Details & Past Winners

Open for Submissions
Julie Suk Award Competition
Best Poetry Book Published by a Literary Press in 2020

Any poetry book published by a small, literary, or university press that holds a 2020 copyright is eligible. This contest is not open to commercial presses.  Entries will be accepted from now until January 30, 2021.  Final decisions won’t be made until March 2021, so be patient.

Writers outside the U.S. may submit pdfs via email. jacarpress@gmail.com.
If you are a finalist you will be asked to submit two copies.

Submission Details & Past Winners