October 1 – 31 Every Year – Re-Opens in 2021

The New Voices series is aimed at bringing diverse voices and perspectives to print. We will be looking for work by poets who write outside traditional expectations, from varied ethnic, gender, and class backgrounds. Open to poets globally.

Series editor Jaki Shelton Green is a North Carolina Literary Hall of Fame inductee, and the first African-American North Carolina Poet Laureate.

Submit 40-80 pages of poetry via email attachment to jacarpress@gmail.com.

$15 fee can be paid here:

New Voices winner Howard Craft reading at The Regulator Bookshop, Durham NC

Books in our New Voices Series:

Yes, We Be - Patrick Howell - Yes, We Be is an integrated-design poetry book that connects with the Black Arts Movement, Harlem Renaissance and Afro-Futurism. Proceeds will benefit Black Lives Matter, SistaWRITE, and…  
Anonymous - Monique-Adelle Callahan D. - “Anonymous follows vulnerable bodies impelled to service—for work, lust, purgation, and song. Even that last knells from halls where “the applause is from the whips.” This,…  
Raising the Sky - Howard Craft - Raising the Sky is unpretentious, attempts no lofty poetic experiments with heavy themes but rather surges with philosophy caked on the sneaker bottoms of young slickster/trickster wannabes,…