Prize-Winning Poets

Bowery Poetry Club –

Adam Scheffler and Tina Kelley participate in a flow reading.

We sponsor readings at diverse venues to bring our writers to new communities.  On a New York tour, Jacar Press organized readings at the Poets House, KGB Bar, and Bowery Poetry Club featuring Cornelius Eady, Alison Stone, Deborah Bogen, Tina Kelley and Adam Scheffler, all winners of various Jacar Press competitions.

Here’s a new poem Adam recently had published in Poem-a-Day:

Florence, Kentucky

So what if the old man
on the bus is trying and
failing to remember his dead
mom’s face, as if the past were
not a cartoon tunnel scratched
on a wall?

He’s still trying,
and when did we forget our
cattle-shoes and feather-parkas,
how we carry with us a lowing
sadness, an extinguished memory
of flight?

Today I’m going to count all the
blackbirds between the prison
and the Walmart where,
right now, in its galloping sadness
a bald man who sounds
like a car horn is hector-lecturing
his infant-hushing
girlfriend—as her unhappiness,
radiant as a cleat, sharp as an ice
skate, sprays to a sudden stop.

Right now, at the emergency
crisis center right next to the
gun store, the nurse feels entombed
in hours like a fly in amber
as the waiting room TVs
spin despair’s golden honey—

and I think of the ice I waded out
on as a kid, of how often the world
seems like it’s going to shatter,
but then, miraculously,
mercilessly, does not.