The Opposite of Babel

Tina Kelley

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What if we all spoke the same language? What if making up words were an art form? Tina Kelley takes delight in new words that enfold meanings in compact, elegant packages, and she revels in the raw materials of poetry.
With humor and quirkiness, this collection contains explorations of old love, new babies, deep friendship, and other spiritual mysteries. Infused with enthusiasm and wonder, its love of language is contagious. 

from Wolf Tree
Alone in a field, it grew
in every direction, asterisk
of wood. If it were fireworks: 
chrysanthemum, crosette, palm, peony. 
If emotion: surprise, joy, optimism.
If vocabulary: fractal, excrescent.
A philosophy: If growth stops 
in one direction, try the other.

ISBN 978-0-936481-45-6