Speak Now This Charm

Deborah Bogen

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In Speak Now This Charm, Deborah Bogen creates a mosaic from states of mind we all experience, but are trained to ignore. Or forget. Or devalue. She records what is visible and what is positioned beyond consciousness.


I’ve been thinking about your body. And the
box they put it in. Wondering if you’re still in
there. If a hand under the lip of that box might
be a way of climbing in, or being in there with

because once we were sisters. We thought our
bodies were eternal. And, sweetheart, isn’t
that every girl’s mistake? My hands ache to
touch your face, to brush the bangs from your
eyes. When they took you, when they closed
the lid on the box, I wished I was a button on
your blouse.

$17  ISBN: 978-0-936481-50-0