Frank Paino

“Pietà” stands out as a profound collection that delves into the depths of human experience, eliciting emotions that resonate on a universal scale. With poems of careful craft and a brushstroke of clear-cut language “Pietà” paints vibrant and haunting landscapes of pain, and the human spirit’s resolute capacity to endure.

Here is a poet who is exceptional and adept at the use of religious and historical symbolism. The poems skillfully weave these elements into a contemporary narrative, resulting in a rich and multi-layered reading experience. The juxtaposition of religious iconography with the harsh realities of the present day adds depth and complexity to the poems, inviting readers to contemplate the intersections of faith, suffering, and resilience.”

Saddiq Dzukogi


for my mother
After the fire
after the simple division
of flesh from bone
bone from ash
we took what remained of you
poured it like mercy
beneath the weeping
while crows wheeled
beaks bright
with plundered berries
and the stones behind us
heavy with old griefs

$14 – ISBN 978-0-936481-53-1