God Shattered

Debra Kaufman –

Crows and mirrors, shadows and mothers. Moving seamlessly
between lyric and persona and always telling a piece of a larger
story, God Shattered offers poems that are home to many
familiars—family and community, landscape and weather, fairy
tales, daydreams, skepticism, silence and hope. In the journey of
this book, Kaufman discovers how personal disillusionment can
be a guide to finding the godly within ourselves. These poems lead
us to contemplate and understand our place in this fragile world.

Who You Think You Know  

The day the sky started falling
crows carried the story of my birth.
The grasses shivered, the wind
rattled ghosts with grievances.
So I was told. Or it came to me
in a dream. It is true I have not
always been honest. Why would I be
the one who shows her cards?
You say I have betrayed someone,
let myself down, I am afraid
to face my own dark heart.
The veil always remains.