Earth of Inedible Things

Joshua Martin

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“At times an homage to icons of western culture such as Rubens and Rembrandt, and at other times the honest tracing of workers leaving the poverty of small farmers for the grinding struggle of truck driving and factory work, this is the story of generations born into a roughness, and then growing and dying in a search for the sublime. What do you remember? asks the sage presence of all poetry of all the ways of examining the difficult history and conflicts of this country. Earth of Inedible Things suggests we remember what love was and what love tried to be.”

Afaa M. Weaver

from Night Walk 

Lowering yourself from your stake 
in the cornfield, you unbutton your flannel 

to let straw breathe beneath a moon 
that has always seen you. From the window 

atop the barn, I watch you shed my father’s 
overalls, his wool hat, and I do not blame you— 

for how uncomfortable it must be to listen 
to the crows in the jeans of a dead man.

ISBN 978-0-936481-43-2