Delicate Thefts

Debra Kaufman

“If you have any doubt that Debra Kaufman is one of our best contemporary American poets, then read this collection.”

Kathryn Stripling Byer, Descent, Coming to Rest, Catching Light and 3 others from LSU Press 

“Which universe does Debra Kaufman inhabit? The “dark, indifferent” one or the one in which ‘The white pine waves / like a kind neighbor’? Perhaps her universe changes with time and she records these changes in her graceful, thorn-sharp lyrics. What happens around her also happens within her and what she remembers she makes memorable. Perhaps she embraces what her friend once said, ‘If you listen closely … you can hear things.’ Passionate in its angers as well as in its affections and as closely tuned as a clavier, Delicate Thefts is a trove of classy gifts.”

Fred Chappell, author of Familiars, Shadow Box: Poems and over a dozen other collections from LSU Press

ISBN 978-0-9897952-8-9