Delicate Thefts

Debra Kaufman –

“If you have any doubt that Debra Kaufman is one of our best contemporary American poets, then read this collection.”

Kathryn Stripling Byer, Descent, Coming to Rest, Catching Light and 3 others from LSU Press 

“Which universe does Debra Kaufman inhabit? The “dark, indifferent” one or the one in which “The white pine waves/like a kind neighbor”? Perhaps her universe changes with time and she records these changes in her graceful, thorn-sharp lyrics. What happens around her also happens within her and what she remembers she makes memorable. Perhaps she embraces what her friend once said, “If you listen closely … you can hear things.” Passionate in its angers as well as in its affections and as closely tuned as a clavier, Delicate Thefts is a trove of classy gifts.”

Fred Chappel, author of Familiars, Shadow Box: Poems and over a dozen other collections from LSU Press.